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I recently discovered that that on September 5th, some anonymous person posted a negative review on me/my company, and could clearly tell they had been scammed by a scammer using my name. This has actually happened to several my own customers in the past.

Every point they mentioned in the complaint/"review" is completely incorrect about my company. They said my company is located in "Roseville", and I have absolutely no idea where that is, nor do I work or know anyone in "Roseville". I am located in Denver, Colorado. NOT "Roseville".

They also said "They [TEQ Media] do not speak English, and do not understand spec changes requested." First of all, I am an American-born citizen, located in Denver, Colorado. I only speak English, nor am I associated with anyone who doesn't speak English. The poster clearly had communication with someone who is NOT the real Eriq Cook / TEQ Media Group. They also said that I am located in "India and Pakistan", which is completely incorrect. I am located in the U.S., Denver, Colorado.

They also said that my portfolio is fake. On my REAL website portfolio, 100% of all of the projects shown are of my own personal work, and not one project was not (and is not) farmed out to people located in other countries.

They said there is a project that was started 5 months ago for a logo and website, and nothing has been done. This is not true for ANY of my customers. I have absolutely no idea what project they apparently paid for.

I'm deeply bothered by websites like, because anyone can very quickly and easily, and anonymously post a negative review on any person/company with absolutely NO proof of facts required (no project name/description, invoice #, etc). All you have to do is sign with a Facebook account and write away. Most legitimate review websites require an investigation at least.

I have been in business for 16 years and have an extremely solid business reputation. I don't advertise, market or cold-call people, and certainly don't have ANY customers where they've paid me to do work and nothing was done. And for FIVE MONTHS. The poster clearly had communication with "someone" who is not me.

I **NEED** to get this false review immediately removed from your website and Internet search results, as it is harming me/my business for completely false and invalid reasons.

Here is link to the review:

Please help!!

Thank you,

Eriq Cook


TEQ Media


This person wrote the review because of not as described of website and logo design from Teq Media. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Teq Media to "removal of invalid/false review".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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